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JRS UK welcomes detention report
The report published by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees and Migrants follows an inquiry into the use of detention within the United Kingdom.

Louise Zanré, Director of JRS-UK, says: “The report from the cross-party parliamentary inquiry into the use of immigration detention in the UK is an important milestone in the debate around the immigration detention practices of the UK.  We very much welcome it and particularly the recommendations around a time limit on detention.  There is a strong body of opinion, reflected within the oral and written submissions to the inquiry, that the very fact that there is no maximum time limit to detention is harmful to those who are detained.  This is borne out by the experience JRS UK has in visiting and providing pastoral care and support for those who have been and are detained at Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre.  Not knowing when or if a detained person might be released or indeed when or if they can be removed from the UK causes in and of itself untold anxiety to the person detained and can have a serious adverse effect on their mental and physical well-being." Read more and access the full report here.

JRS UK Review of Work
We have just published our review of work to celebrate all our work over the last three years

'From hostility to hospitality' is the theme of the review which describes some of the challenges our refugee friends are facing and shows some of JRS's responses to accompany, serve and advocoate for them in what sometimes seems like an increasingly unfriendly environment. We share stories of what it means to be part of JRS and express our deep felt appreciation to friends and supporters, donors and partners for their continued encouragement and generosity. Read more divider

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