Detention Visitor

Our Detention visitors provide a warm and friendly presence at a time when many can feel isolated and alone. Our visitors spend one hour a week visiting individuals at the Immigration Removal Centres at Heathrow where they offer a listening ear and emotional support, helping to break down this isolation.

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Destitution Support Volunteer

This role focuses on helping preparations for our weekly Day Centre held every Thursday. Each of our refugee friends receives a toiletry pack once a month and, when supplies allow, a food parcel containing essential food supplies. These packs must be put together from supplies kept at the JRS Office.

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Welcome Volunteer

The Welcome Volunteer provides the first point of contact for all visitors to JRS UK throughout the week, from refugees coming to access our services to people offering donations. You will also be the first point of contact on the switchboard, as well as undertaking general ad hoc tasks to support and accompany refugees throughout the day.

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Day Centre Volunteer

Every Thursday JRS UK run a day centre where we welcome destitute refugees into a warm and friendly environment. Our Day Centre volunteers help in a number of ways through the day and ensure that our refugee friends are greeted by a friendly face and have a listening ear.

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Day Centre: Chef's Assistant

During our weekly Day Centre, our refugee friends are served a healthy, hot meal, with over 100 meals served each week. The Chef’s Assistant will help our volunteer chef to prepare and serve the meal through the day and ensure the kitchen is kept clean and is run smoothly.

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Day Centre: Vietnamese Speaker

Every Thursday JRS UK run a Day Centre where we welcome destitute refugees into a warm and friendly environment. We are looking for volunteers who are available to accompany our Vietnamese-speaking friends, supporting them while they are improving their English.

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The At Home hosting scheme is a lifeline for many destitute refugees who find themselves sleeping on the streets. Our hosting placements are available thanks to families, communities and religious congregations opening their homes to one of our refugee friends. To be a host, individuals must be able to offer a room for a period of 3 months in Greater London.

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At Home Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer to support the At Home scheme – to accompany our refugee friends as they move between hosting placements and assist our At Home Coordinator. Moving between hosting placements can be a distressing time, and we are looking for a volunteer with a sympathetic disposition, who can be a reassuring presence for our refugee friends.

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Accompaniment Volunteer: Reporting

Many of our refugee friends are required to report to the Home Office immigration authorities at a frequency and time set by the Home Office. Going to report can trigger fear or high levels of anxiety or disorientation. JRS UK are looking for volunteers who can accompany, in person, refugee friends who would welcome this form of moral support.

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Accompaniment Volunteer: Embassy

Some of our refugee friends are in limbo because the Home Office have disputed their nationality. A way forward can be to show they are unable to obtain nationality documentation by approaching their embassy to try to obtain documentation. This is a big step to take and they need someone to be with them not only to give moral support but also to witness and record what happens and be ready to give evidence of this.

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