Advocacy at JRS

JRS-UK defends the rights of refugees. We improve refugees’ quality of life by influencing public opinion, lobbying and raising awareness of the real hardships that they face in the UK, especially during the period they are asylum seekers. Most of this is done in collaboration with other organisations whether faith-based or secular. Advocacy in JRS starts by listening to the concerns of the vulnerable and then working with them to find solutions. We regularly contribute to public policy consultations, advocacy campaigns and educational programmes.

Once refugees have made the difficult decision to leave home in search of safety, have survived the perils forced flight to Europe entails, the process of seeking asylum is too often bruising, confusing and traumatic. We sustain efforts as part of wider coalitions to make values-based responses to policy and decision-makers about asylum seekers and forced migrants. Our public speaking training workshops have led to refugees from JRS UK speaking publicly, including in schools, at a national conference and for a parliamentary inquiry.

"I advise others who are coming to JRS to 'go for it' as well, not just coming to get bus fares and food. It is good to do something for the community as a way to help youself." Souleyman, refugee and anti-detention campaigner

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Jesuit Refugee Service UK
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