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As we continue to accompany, serve, and advocate for refugee friends in an increasingly difficult environment, your contribution is more important than ever.

Even in the last few months, we’ve seen new policies making it harder for refugees to access accommodation. Many people are sleeping on the streets or riding night buses just to get some warmth and shelter.

And finding somewhere to stay isn’t the only challenge. With rising prices, refugee friends who are sofa surfing or sleeping in temporary accommodation often struggle to afford food – so even a decent meal is beyond reach.

Finding yourself banned from working, unable to access support and without secure accommodation is, of course, especially hard with the weather getting colder. As we enter Advent and recall the Holy Family’s search for shelter that first Christmas, so many refugee friends are facing their own struggles every day.

With your support, we can provide more opportunities for people to come together in warmth and safety

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Friendship, food, and warmth at our social drop-in

The JRS UK social drop-in is a space where refugee friends can escape these challenges, coming together for warmth, food, and friendship.

While generous portions of rice, chicken, and vegetables are served up by our volunteers, there are heaps of activities going on, from yoga to art. People can find a chance for relaxation and thinking about something other than their asylum case.

We need your support this Advent

A gift of £25 can help five refugee friends travel to our social drop-in
A gift of £60 can provide hot drinks and refreshments for an entire session
A gift of £100 can provide twenty refugee friends with a hot meal

Your donation helps build community

“We come from a way of living with community in our countries but when we come to Europe people live by themselves. There is a big gap – the culture isn’t welcoming and it is difficult. The Drop-In fills this gap as we meet new people and share experiences. Naturally we are social and we need someone to share with. It makes us feel happy and hopeful to have someone to share feelings with, happiness or sadness. The food is important and delicious – we have a good time sharing food and talking with people. Food is not the main thing coming to JRS, the main thing is having conversation with different people. I travel from Barking & Dagenham, I would never come just for food. I come for the community. We’re a big family.”

– Getachew, JRS Refugee Friend

Your support will make an enormous impact, helping JRS UK to accompany refugee friends this Advent.

Thank you for your donations, support, and prayers.

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