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We pray as we begin this time of Advent that we may, even in this time of suffering and uncertainty, choose to open our hearts to hope; that we may awake to a light of wild love for our world, the beauty of life and each other, knowing we all belong and are meant to be here


We pray that those held in immigration detention may be given hope in the face of the uncertainty and isolation they feel. May those who accompany them be a source of hope and support, helping to bring light to the darkness of indefinite detention.



We pray to listen to the wisdom of creation so that we gain understanding of how God loves all that is made and sees it as very good. We pray we might notice the wonder of the things of this earth; that we may learn of humility as seeds that are humble with beginning and hope.


We pray for all forced to leave their homes across the world and live today in fear. We give thanks for all who show hospitality to strangers and give hope amid suffering and despair. May each of us find ways, tiny or big, to embody hospitality towards others every day.


We pray for all those refugees who have had their hopes and dreams put on hold as they wait in the asylum system. We ask that they may be given the opportunity to rebuild their lives and fulfil their ambitions and potential after so much waiting.


We pray for those in positions of power and leadership around the world. We ask that they be inspired by the Holy Spirit and be bringers of hope, peace, joy and love. May they be especially mindful of the poor and marginalised, and assist them in being agents of positive change for the good of all.


We pray for all who are restricted limited and lonely because of this pandemic. May each person today feel the promise of hope that knows that another world is not only possible but on her way. May we all share love, laughter gentleness and respect this day.


We pray for peace on earth. May we enliven to all that is of God and become the bringers and stirrers of peace offering friendship in our communities and patience in complex situations. We give thanks for all working for peace. May they be rooted, strong, and daily refreshed in God.


We pray for peace on earth. May we enliven to all that is of God and become bringers and stirrers of peace, offering friendship in our communities and patience in complex situations. We give thanks for all working for peace. May they be rooted, strong and daily refreshed in God.


We pray to be awake to the wonder of our natural world. May we see the rivers, forests, mountains and creatures as sacred in their own right; may we recognise and reverence God in all of them. May we come home to the peace of the earth and ourselves.


We pray for the imagination, faith and courage to say ‘yes’ to life and love. May conversations and actions embody love and hospitality, particularly to those whom we perceive as unlike ourselves. May love cross divides between people, communities and nations and bring peace.


We pray for our refugee friends who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of attempting to be builders of peace and justice. May the seeds they have sown bear fruit for their homelands.


We pray for peace in our world and an end to all violence and conflict. May the anger and bitterness caused by war and violence, give way to a love and forgiveness that echoes that of the Divine love. We pray for all those working for reconciliation across the globe.


We pray for all who are suffering from the impact of COVID 19. In this difficult, uncertain time may we each experience God’s presence and know God’s peace and love. May we find creative ways to reach out to one another in help, joy and hope, that we may know peace in this time.


We pray that we may be open to the depth of Christ’s joy and know ourselves to be rooted in a Love and Life that enfolds and cares for us. May our experience of Love and life bring joy to those who feel disconnected and are struggling.


We pray for all who have been released from immigration detention. We pray for those whose physical and mental health continue to be affected by their experiences.


We pray in joy for our earth; for deep awareness of Life and that we are one body and part of earth’s oneness. We give thanks for our beautiful blue planet we share as home. May we, each day notice this beauty and labour to recover beauty and diversity where it has been lost.


We pray for the diversity of Earth in nature and in humanity. We celebrate the sacredness of all life and lives. We pray for all who seek to protect species of plant and animal; for all who nurture diversity among people. May we feel joy in working together for our shared world


We pray in thanksgiving for the joy our refugee friends bring to those they meet, despite the challenges and difficulties they are facing. We ask that they may receive the gift of joy this Christmas.


We pray that in a world where we so often see sadness and pain, we may too be able to see the joys and goodness present in each day. May we all be more appreciative of the small moments that create a lasting joy.


We pray that this Covid time will result in our world becoming a more just, peaceful and joyful place for all. We ask that our human family be grounded, not in conflict and division, but in love, life and joy. May we each bring this love, life and joy to all we encounter.


We pray for the love that chooses to enter in and labour for the healing and transformation of our world. We give thanks for all who strive for peace, justice and planetary concern, who love and are moved by compassion and concern and who do not want to see people suffer.


We pray for all those who will spend this Christmas in immigration detention, separated from their loved ones. May their love for one another give comfort amidst the pain.


We pray for the gift of Earth itself. We give thanks for mountains, fields, seas and skies, birds, animals and fish, for stars, winds and rains alive with dancing life. May we remember how earth proclaims the greatness of God’s love and join this great dance of Love and beauty.


We pray for JRS staff and volunteers as they welcome people seeking safety. We give thanks for their accompaniment of each person as a precious human being. May mutual love, understanding and care grow between people of all nations; may we journey alongside one another in love.


We pray on this Christmas Eve for all refugee friends living in destitution. We ask that they may know the love of Jesus Christ, born and placed in a manger. May all have somewhere safe and warm to stay this night and every night.

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