A beautiful day to enjoy together


A beautiful day to enjoy together

100 people gathered at the JRS UK Summer Party to enjoy music, food and dancing together

20 July 2016

A beautiful day to enjoy together

Each year at JRS, we have a special day “without sadness”. We dedicate a Saturday afternoon in the Summer to a party to which all are welcome. This year, refugees joined volunteers, staff and guests to enjoy each other’s company, share some delicious food and music.

Ten wonderful songs were provided by guest singers from “Soul Sanctuary” a cappella group and their fabulous voices invited everyone onto the dance floor.

Zigni House, our talented chef friends, brought a tasty buffet of East African cuisine so everyone could pile up their plates and tuck in to a range of dishes.

Children enjoyed having their faces painted – and painting the faces of our volunteer, Naomi!

Ingrid from Fotosynthesis, together from Muler from JRS, took special portrait photos of each guest so that refugees can have a professional portrait of themselves to keep or share or send back home to a family member.

“The music provided by Soul Sanctuary was very inspiring and spiritual”, said Leah.

“It was great meeting our refugee friends and volunteers in an informal setting. Great entertainment and the singing was powerful. Having families on site added to the excitement. The weather made a huge difference too. Well done to guest who came to spend time with us,” said Fidele.

“Wow, what a marvellous party! I incredibly enjoyed two things, first of all the singers with their lively and captivating voices. It really seemed that they enjoyed it themselves. Secondly, seeing the faces of those who took part in the photoshoot. Everybody had a smile on their face. We had a great time!” said Liliane.


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