A Celebration of Sharing


A Celebration of Sharing

04 July 2013

A Celebration of Sharing

JRS-UK Summer Party

The Hurtado Jesuit Centre in Wapping opened its door at 10 am on Saturday, 29th June to the staff and volunteers of JRS-UK, as well as to other volunteers from our nearby parish church, St Patrick’s.

We put up garlands and words of welcome written in the languages of the refugees who come to the centre, each welcoming the visitors who soon filled our centre in Amharic, French, Swahili…
The reception area was soon set up and a map of the world was affixed on a wall next to it, its purpose soon becoming clear when each visitor, after entering their names and country of origin, were given a pin to stick on their country.  By the end of the day, the map was a visual reminder of every continent being represented.
There was even a pin stuck on Antartica – a joke or was there really someone from Antartica in the party?  If you were that person, let us know who you are!  It would be great to chat with you.

A Celebration of the Beauty of Sharing in Life. Indeed that was what characterised the party.  Amidst the busyness of making everything run smoothly, the theme of the party was effortlessly kept to: “See the beauty in everyone.”  Beautiful, uplifting and courageous stories were shared as volunteers, staff and refugees talked, ate and laughed with one another.

Talking of beautiful, the food that was brought out at midday was sublime in sight and taste.  The Eritrean food provided to us by Zigni Restaurant was at its best.

And then after the food, we all came out into the sunshine filled courtyard where soulful acapella music was provided to us by the talented Stratford East singers. Just a truly wonderful (!) and sunny day.

We hope you can be with us next Summer, or sooner!  In the meantime, sign up to the blog.

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