A Poem – Cold and Rain

21 November 2014

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This poem was written by ‘Muler’ who took part in our series of creative writing workshops with English PEN earlier this year.

Cold and Rain
by Muler

Cold and rain
is my patience
because it remind me
my past experiences.

Cold and rain
Is my experiences
For many reasons.

Cold and rain
Is my frustration
Because he is madness.

Cold and rain
He give me bad welcome
when I wake up on the morning.

Cold and rain
he is the one reminded me
my friends on my time
been sleeping on the street.

Cold and rain
he is my best friend
because he always is with me.

Cold and rain
when I think of you
I always remember
London. When I think of you
I think of London.

Cold and rain
You give hope when you show
You for light
Like the light on the fridge.
To me it is not be my part.

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