Come and See: Photography Workshop

13 June 2014

For the past weeks, a group of nine men and women have come together at JRS-UK to take part in a photography workshop run and facilitated by Fotosynthesis, a not-for-profit organisation that uses participatory photography to develop skills, give a voice to people and encourage community cohesion. The exhibition launch is just 2 weeks away…

Every week, we meet with the group of nine, who are all from different countries, to learn techniques, share ideas and practice different types of photography – portraits, candid shots, narrative, scenery and landscape. It has been great so far and the feedback we have heard from participants has been really positive with everyone taking something different away from each session.

Sergei, whose father was a photographer, shared he joined the workshop to “avoid depression”. He said that he felt the workshop gave him an opportunity to “communicate with creative people” and to revisit his previous interest for photography, now revived with a new knowledge of modern technology. “When I learnt photography, everything was black and white and manual cameras. Everything changed for 20 years, it changed completely”.

Yus, who hopes to do blogging in the future, joined the workshop when the opportunity presented itself, although he admitted to us he had not had an interest in photography before enrolling. He told us: “What I enjoyed most about what we’ve learned so far is the positioning of the camera and also the lighting. How to make sure you position yourself to get the quality you are looking for, 1. And 2, you have to have a picture in your mind of the story that you are trying to tell. “

Since joining he has been very pleased with how much his skills have advanced, by learning different techniques and tips from the workshop: “You don’t have to be in a rush. Sit still, or stand still, make sure you have the picture in your head before you snap. And as a result of doing that, it will translate into the picture which has helped me a lot,” he said when talking about the new techniques he has learned. He even expressed an interest in continuing to study photography after the workshop ends: “Maybe in the future I might go back to study it more, maybe in the college or something because I’m beginning to see that there’s certain things to consider, you don’t just take the camera and snap.”

“Come and See” opens on the 26th of June for the preview night from 6pm-8pm and continues until the 10th of July from 8am-4pm when it will be open to the public. The Gallery Tour on the 5th of July, will be a great opportunity to hear more from Yus, Sergei and the other contributors about their ideas and inspirations and what they have learnt.

More details see:
Lumen Gallery, Church Café, 88 Tavistock Place, WCIH 9RS.

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