Delayed but not disheartened: running the London Marathon


Delayed but not disheartened: running the London Marathon

Anna reflects on preparing to run the London Marathon for JRS UK later this year.

02 April 2020

Delayed but not disheartened: running the London Marathon

The London Marathon has been postponed until October 4th 2020 in light of the coronavirus outbreak, but our dedicated runners are still training and working hard to fundraise for the work of JRS UK. One of these amazing volunteers, Anna, shares her motivations and thoughts on running for JRS later this year.


Getting used to running

The idea to run the London Marathon occurred to me three years ago. At the time I was intensely involved with dance, and running seemed like a good idea to increase my cardio and spend more time outdoors.

I have always been a bit insecure with running because from childhood I used to experience a sharp pain in my back while running. Nowadays I know it was because I was using the wrong breathing technique! So I started with laps around the park, and when I realised my body was getting used to it, I increased the distance and each time would run a bit further. After a while I noticed I had been running for an hour and I felt alright! That was the first time I started to think about pushing myself further and to try run a Marathon one day. Now, three years later, I am thrilled to be training and running the London Marathon – it still seems like a dream!

I had never heard about JRS UK before. I found out about them through the St Thomas More parish newsletter which was advertising for marathon runners. I am now more interested in their work and look forward to continuing to support them even after the marathon. I have decided to fundraise for JRS UK because I know that it is a recognised Catholic charity which will make sure that my fundraised donations will be used for the right purpose.

Training and Fundraising

I find the physical training for the Marathon very demanding. I work as a Personal Trainer and do lots of physical activities every day (instructing cycling classes, weight-training, leading fitness classes etc.), and then have to use all my spare time to train for the Marathon. The first time I did 20KM I honestly had problems walking for the next 5 days!

I’m finding the fundraising process a bit more challenging than I originally thought it would be. There are so many people I either spoke with in person or through social networks who have promised to support my run but still haven’t. I have made several posters to promote the run, and I think it has increased awareness, however people are not actually donating.

All in all, my training can be summed up so far as creative, social & outspoken!

With the new date for the Marathon, due to the current health crisis, I’ve marked my diary and will continue preparing to run in October.

My biggest hope is to enjoy the run, atmosphere and people, and finish it with smile on my face forgetting about the pain!

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