Running the London Marathon 2023 to support refugees


Running the London Marathon 2023 to support refugees

Meet Team JRS UK runner, Francis

20 February 2023

Running the London Marathon 2023 to support refugees

The 2023 London Marathon is on Sunday 23rd April. This year, we are grateful to have 5 dedicated runners on Team JRS UK who are raising money through this challenge to support refugees!

One of the runners on the team is Francis. Francis told us that he decided to run the London Marathon after people he found inspiring convinced him to take on the challenge. This will be his very first marathon, and ‘probably last, but running is starting to grow on me but one thing at a time.’ He chose to support refugees through running for JRS UK because some of his friends work here, so he knew the money he raises ‘would go directly and fully to the people who need it the most.’

Francis is currently training and mentally preparing for the big day in April. In addition to running, he is reading a very informative book called the Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer (1998) by David Whitsett. He is also listening to some running podcasts by Steve Scullion, which he has shared with other JRS runners on the team.


The money Francis raises will go directly to supporting destitute refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

JRS UK relies on donations from individuals to support our work with destitute asylum seekers assisting refugees with their basic needs. We provide regular hardship grants to enable people to travel across London to access essential services, to attend immigration, medical and legal appointments, and to buy everyday essential items they may need. We provide a monthly toiletries pack with essential items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, face masks and sanitary towels. Hardship grants and toiletry packs are given to those asylum seekers who do not receive benefits or asylum support. We also offer small grants for educational needs and sometimes assist with exceptional needs.

A huge thank you to Francis and our 4 other marathon runners of 2023!

To read more on Francis’s story and to help him meet his fundraising goal here:

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