I can show people what it is like to be destitute

10 October 2013

‘Nas’, who has been attending the JRS-UK Day Centre, did a poetry reading at a recent fundraising concert for Jesuit refugee Service UK: “I was so positive, so excited and so confident as I saw the concert as an opportunity where I could show people through my poem what it is like to be destitute in the UK. I really enjoyed the whole event. It was awesome. The singer was greatly amazing and I wish I could sing like him. I was happy to be part of the event. It gave me the boost to write more and more poems.”


Each journey entails a hundred possibilities.
I have been thinking of a safe place
Feeling my fatherland to this land,
Leaving my motherland this land.
But when I reached to this foreign land,
I saw myself in no man’s land,
I saw myself living in Alexander Island
In Antarctica.
A place where no one want to live,
But is the place where I live,
My new home.

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