I was thinking: I can do anything!


I was thinking: I can do anything!

Victoire shares her experience of learning a new life skill – riding a bicycle

30 November 2015

I was thinking: I can do anything!



The first day, we met at the day centre at the Hurtado Centre. We were almost 10 women. I was nervous and more and more anxious. I was imagining how I will fall and get embarrassed in front of the other ladies.

We then went to a park. The tutors were patient and they showed a great deal of understanding. We were told the first steps.  As I saw one of us going round and round, a feeling arose in me: “If she can do it, I can also”. I was repeating this in my mind.

All of a sudden, I got the confidence and I followed her. In few minutes I was going round and round with confidence. It was the start of a great adventure. As the weeks passed, I learn to brake, to use the gears, and arm signalling, looking over my shoulders. It was just empowering.

I felt great. It felt exciting. I was laughing like I won a million pound lottery. I was thinking: “I can do anything; I can even pilot a plane if I learn to do it with patience. We are not stupid. I am not stupid. I can do something. I really wanted to cycle for long time but I found it daunting, that is why I was so excited.

I am so glad I tried. I am so grateful the opportunity came. This was my time, I grabbed it and now I can cycle. Thank you at JRS for giving me this life changing opportunity.

JRS UK is pleased to be working with The Bike Project to run training in cycling at The Hurtado Centre. You donate a bike for a refugee, contact welcome@hurtadocentre.org.uk


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