International Women’s Day 2019


International Women’s Day 2019

Staff, volunteers and friends of JRS share their reflections this International Women's Day

08 March 2019

International Women’s Day 2019

Each year International Women’s Day offers the opportunity to celebrate the contribution of all women as we continue to work towards a world and society that is equal for all. This International Women’s Day we asked those at JRS UK for their thoughts:


What change would you most like to see in society?

As a Legal Caseworker at JRS UK, I hear and read about how gender-based violence affects women in their home countries. Many women suffer in silence and avoid reporting adverse treatment, due to fear of reprisals and stigmatisation. There are many examples across the world of gender-based violence and it is a constant reminder of the long road ahead for gender equality. I would like to see an end to gender-based violence and, as this year’s IWD campaign theme states, “Everyone has a part to play – all the time, everywhere”.


Despite the progress that has been made, society can still present women as second class, vulnerable or weak. A woman is of great potential and contribution in society because of their unique, innate creativity which influence the thoughts and actions of the whole society and world. I would like to see an improvement in the attitude towards women, that they are treated with respect, care, dignity and equal opportunities.

Sr. Linda

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of being able to speak four languages fluently. Being able to do so opens up ways of communicating and connecting with a wide range of people; helping me feel at home in different parts of the world.


I feel very proud because I work with the JRS team. Unlike other work places, in JRS we all work in a friendly environment. JRS value each other. Therefore I would like to thank all of my JRS members.


What is the most important human quality?

Kindness, because it is an active but maybe instinctive type of love, and without it nothing else you do seems to matter.


Compassion. In today’s culture of self, compassion dares to elevate and shine a light on the other, no matter who they are; knowing no boundaries it seeks to restore the bond between us all.


Who is your female role model?

Oprah Winfrey

A Refugee Friend

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one role model but I think it would be Mother Teresa. Her deep and lasting commitment to the poor and marginalised has been profoundly inspiring for me in my work alongside the most neglected in society.


Sarah Teather, our director

A volunteer

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