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31 October 2014

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Pauline, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, told us about her experience with JRS-UK. She has been in the UK for 6 years and coming to JRS for 3 years. She attends our Day Centre regularly on a Thursday and is a member of our Women’s Prayer Group which meets every week on a Tuesday.

Coming here for me, I have a nice story here. It has given me joy! If I did not come here, I would not feel good. I don’t know what it is about JRS, but I love it too much here!
Here, they help me, This one is my house, when I come here I am happy. I don’t have family here, so in this place, I have tea with my friends. They are helping me. I have my plate and my mug which Louise gave to me. So when I see them I see her!
This country gives me no work, no job, no chance to earn money. But if you have your appointments, you still need your Oyster card… Here they give you money for your tickets: to sign in (report) for the Home Office, for hospital appointments…
Every week I have appointments. I have been in the hospital three times. Jonathan from JRS came to visit me. He was so kind.
I was going to college, but I was sick, so now I can’t go. Maybe next year I will start again to study English, I would like to improve my English.
These challenges… they go on for a long time, many years. This country, many people are coming here, with then lots of problems: no places to sleep, staying only with friends… This place, JRS, helps all people.
Every Tuesday, I come here with the women to pray. The massage with Magda is helping me too. I love it, I feel good!
What is next for me? I don’t know, I am very sad in this country, it is too hard. One day when I have my papers, I will go to work. I will go to college and get training. I would like to do care work, to care for others. I am a very caring person.
When I pray, I pray for God to help this charity, to go a long way, it helps everybody who is coming here.
I like to say God bless these people, I thank God very much for these people.

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