My Journey

20 June 2013

We have been lucky to run more creative writing workshops with English PEN, the charity working for freedom of expression. They are very popular with the refugees who participate in them.

Nurjahan took part and says: “I enjoy writing about my feelings and I enjoy writing in English. I want to learn more about writing. I enjoy listening to other people’s stories, from different countries, making new friends, hearing their feelings about their journeys and memories. It is interesting for me. The teacher (trainer) explaining about writing skills gives you confidence and you also learn from others in the class about the meaning of their poems.”

Nurjahan’s poem here is one of a few that she wrote during the workshops. This poem is about when she was young back at home in her country. Now when she travels around London, she remembers journeying around the villages with her mother, and she remembers her mum and her friends.

My journey is like dark black
My journey sounds like easy listening
My journey feels like dry skin
My journey smells like flowers
My journey tastes like coffee.

My journey, black and white; I feel, I think: when I was very young I played with my friend and I felt like a small flower and I think to go with my mum, somewhere; my journey is easy listening music.

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