My Life As A Refugee

11 July 2013

The rules on family migration, migrants’ access to healthcare and housing and the verdict on Tuesday of the unlawful killing of Jimmy Mubenga who died while being deported…; immigration is back in the news.

For refugees and undocumented migrants however, their situation never goes away.
We present a selection of the twenty photographs taken by refugees in five European countries. These were exhibited in the European Parliament from 27-30 November 2012.

Refugees with JRS-UK contributed to a photography exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels. The images, taken with help from Fotosynthesis Community, are now available on-line at: My Life As A Refugee

Photography may help us to travel in new ways.  Elodie (Italy)

Travelling on the bus, on the train… seeking for protection is a long journey. We need documents, we need a job. We need to find our path in a new land, coming to terms with nostalgy, with the impossibility of going back to our own country. Attending a party and joking with friends is a good way to find new energies. To build a relation of mutual acknowledgement. Even if we depend on other people’s aid for many things, we too can feel Italian!  Elodie (Italy)

In the Muslim prayer room of the Marsa Open Centre. Mohammed Kemal (Malta)

Maison Pierre Chanel: Notre Dame Refugee Centre I like to go there often to meet people, and talk to them as I am often alone at home and I stress more and more. This is the lounge Room where I can find lovely and well-coming people, where you can eat lovely food and a lovely warm cup of tea. Brigitte (UK)

There was a place where I could feel being real in nature
when I looked around, I could see only greenery.

Six-year-old refugee from Eritrea at a summer camp organised for children of all nationalities by the Organisation for Friendship in Diversity (OFD). The two-week summer camp was held between 3 and 14 September and around 80 children from Africa, Asia, the US and Europe attended. Mohammed Kemal (Malta)

More pictures and information can be found on Flickr and the original Press release.

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