Nothing can stop you to become what you want to be

07 November 2013

By “Alexandra”

I did not know if I would be able to study this year as it was so expensive. I was so desperate to study this year, I did not believe I would be able to continue my course. Inside of me I was not sure, where could this money come from?

Last year I got a reduction in my college fees, as even if someone wanted to help me, the fees would still be a lot. So when I went to the college and showed them that there were people who would help me to study and explained to them my situation: as an asylum seeker, I am not working, I do not get benefits… so they gave me a 50% less, but this year they could not give me the discount.

I showed Louise at JRS how much they asked me to pay this year. But Louise said, why you are stressing too much? Don’t worry! I was stressed, but she made me not stressed… this time I felt it would not work, but she was very comfortable that we could do something. Let’s just try, she said, so we started to make applications. 

Last week when I came for help from Jonathan, I had to come early, I really wanted to study! So I put my alarm at 6am, as I did not want to be late to miss my chance to see him. He was so surprised that I was so early, even at 8.30am! That day I had finished a letter and had put it in an envelope, when the message came to Louise. Louise came out of her office and said “stop, stop!” we don’t need any money, the people we first wrote to had replied.

Myself, I was very surprised, that someone who did not know me, would pay for these college fees. It solved all my problems in one go! At the same time, I was very, very shocked. I am so grateful, because when someone who does not know me would pay, just like that, I was quite touched. I wanted to cry, but I was happy at the same time. I am very, very grateful. Louise had the faith that it would be possible. 

Going to college is very important for me, because in my situation, for me to continue to study means everything. It is very important, I am not isolated. If I am not doing anything, I will be thinking about my situation, about seeking asylum, it is not good for me. But at college, we are all the same, I am the same as other people, there is no barrier for me there… I am still going on with my life, nothing is lost.

This year, I will also be a team leader in my voluntary work, last year I was an ambassador there as well. I do other volunteering, mentoring, so many! Maybe when you are doing something positive, you don’t know where doing good things will lead you, I am not doing something for nothing.

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