Our hopes for 2022

The JRS UK detention outreach team share their hopes for a new year.

07 January 2022

Many of us may begin the New Year with a list of resolutions of ways we are going to improve ourselves and our lives – starting a new hobby, cutting out bad habits or dedicating more time to our friends and family. Some of us may even see those resolutions through as far as February at least.

The New Year presents us with the opportunity of a clean slate from which to begin and although the troubles and triumphs of the previous year aren’t forgotten we have a fresh start at whatever may lie ahead. Resolution or not, we hold out hope that this year may be better than the last, and it is that hope that we hold onto as we begin this New Year.

We asked different members of the JRS Detention Outreach team to share their hopes for the New Year…

“I have been accompanying one of our refugee friends over the phone for the past 18 months, since his release from detention and he waits for a decision regarding an asylum application. He often talks about his faith and says, ‘I thank God for the gifts of hope and patience.’

“I hope and pray that 2022 sees major changes in our asylum system which speeds up the time it takes when dealing with asylum applications. I pray they show compassion, respect for humanity and to treat those seeking asylum with dignity.”

Anita, Detention Volunteer

“My hopes for 2022 are that as more of us realise the need for the conservation of the planet, that this will filter down to the populace making their influence felt to the government to show a more Christian response to the migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.”

Martin, Detention Volunteer

“I hope there will be an end of coronavirus variants and lockdowns. I hope there will be an end of wars whether war is, and I hope safety comes back to the world.”

H, refugee friend supported at Napier Barracks

“My hopes for 2022 are that the UK Government, Media and Public allow themselves a private moment to listen to the Holy Spirit within them and that they respond to refugees with all the Love and Generosity that their parents did. I hope and pray that we see Leadership based on Faith, Hope and Love and I hope that the younger generation notice this and respond to this with their own Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.”

Paul, Detention Volunteer

“In 2022, I hope that we all acknowledge the responsibility we have in ensuring that migrants and refugees are welcomed and that we hold our leaders and decision makers accountable. I hope for an end to the dehumanised narrative surrounding migration and that we stop gambling with people’s lives to win political points. I hope for an end to Immigration detention and for a society strengthened by humanity and dignity.”

William, Detention Outreach Officer

What do you hope for 2022?

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