Poem for This Month, February

13 February 2015

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One of our refugees, Charles, wrote a poem about this month, February.

The Month of February
by Charles

The month, the contrasting month of February
You are the shortest month of year
You can be long short rainy or wintry

I saw a thousand souls falling in love
On your fourteenth day
I saw a thousand souls proposing
Wedding on your twenty ninth day
The month of February the lovely month of February

You are the month that determines
How the year would be
You are the month that says
This the gap year to be
You are the month of love and lovers

Now, Valentine’s time has come
We will roses being sold exponentially
We will cards being sold at any corners for some

I don’t know how much longer
I can stay as bachelor
The month of February always
Reminds me that there is something wrong
The month of February is not poor

So Carpe Diem, married, single, rose bearers and rose sellers
February you make the world covered with roses once for all
But February you are also a month of battles and cryers

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