Rain or shine, we are so lucky


Rain or shine, we are so lucky

JRS UK with The Bike Project, continues to host cycling lessons for women refugees

28 July 2016

Rain or shine, we are so lucky
“Throughout the month of August, JRS in partnership with The Bike Project, continues to host cycling lessons for women refugees. The lessons go ahead every Wednesday morning at the Hurtado Centre, from 11 AM until 1 PM, and take place rain or shine.  After cycling, we always enjoy a shared lunch. We are so lucky with the Centre being based in Wapping, the perfect neighbourhood for a relaxing bicycle ride along the Thames and a flavour of English history with its cobbled streets. Our cycling programme has welcomed women from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Togo, Albania, Eritrea, Algeria, Syria and many more countries who hear about us at JRS, the African Women’s Group, Southwark Day Centre, the Women’s Refugee Association etc… Even if you have never been on a bike before, do register, and enjoy the feeling of freedom after a couple of lessons. It feels great to balance on two wheels!
A few weeks ago, we rode in a light drizzle from the Hurtado Centre to the Tate Modern Museum and had a peek inside, hiding from the rain and marvelling at the beautiful works of art housed at this beautiful London icon. This week, we practiced how to navigate a roundabout, that very British thing. Last month, the sun was shining and we rode to Canary Wharf. It is lovely to build confidence together, learn a skill and make new cycling friends. Some of the women have been coming to our lessons for months! Once you are confident and proficient, we give you your own bicycle to take home, with a high visibility vest, a bicycle helmet and a lock, to keep you and your bike safe.
One of our recent trainees Elsa, had never cycled before. She spent nine Wednesdays practicing with us and set herself a goal to cycle along with her son in the park during the school holidays. This Summer, she reached her goal and she and her son are both having fun on their bikes in the park! We have had mothers and grandmothers take part in our lessons, and we invite you to join us too. This August, we are offering drop-in sessions for any women refugees who need to brush up on their cycling. So if you have not been on a bicycle for years, please come along this August. Or if you have never tried cycling, you can sign up for our complete beginners lessons which start in September. Please get in touch with Claire at 07410114014, to register interest for August or September, and we’ll set you up.
With love and peace from Eva and all of us at The Bike Project and JRS UK at the Hurtado Centre. We look forward to teaching you!”

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