“The Future” message


“The Future” message

by Easton, a refugee friend of JRS UK

15 June 2020

“The Future” message

I had this vision last night

that human beings, gonna get a fight.


I went uptown, and, what do I see,

two pretty girls standing, they are staring at me

so I went up close and said “Hello”

they replied, “Hello to you too”,


I introduced myself,

“I’m from downtown, known as the ghetto,

my name is Robert and whats yours?”


The one on my right, she looked alright,

she said her name was ”Getutonite”


As I reached on the scene

not knowing they were machines.



Not knowing, what they had on their minds,

was to get me tonight.



They want to get human beings extinct,

saying that, “the system stinks”

and “They are building a future

For robots to take over”


I had to run for my life.


So you got to know who you talk to,

who you be with.

Because you might just end-up with a robot

as a friend

then your life will end.


Robots are about!

They want to get you out!


The system building a future,

it’s not by God or nature,


it’s a mechanistical future

controlled by machines and robots.

So be careful how you go about,

Robots are taking over.


The world is changing,

man is not kind anymore,

man gets mean like a machine,

can’t feel,

while machines are taking over the scene.


Humans got to think

before they get extinct.

No matter how it looks, take a good look.


This vision I had last night,

I had to put-up a terrible fight,

I had to run for my life.

Knowing, I just got to stay alive.


Never let your heart go astray,

your eyes deceiving your mind

leading you in the wrong way.


The whole world is changing,

even the land-marks are changing,

life itself is changing.

Doesn’t even call a brother “brother”,

now calls him “uncle”,

putting distant between each other.


So man, get mean, and be kind to your

brother man.

This vision I had

it was awful and sad.


These two pretty girls I met,

Tried to get me in their net,

not knowing that robots are about

trying to push human beings out.


So be careful,

never let “pretty looks” fool you!!!

Robots are the future, and they are about,

to get you out!!


Easton 6-1-2020

This poem is featured as part of the ‘JRS Imagines’ anthology, for Refugee Week. You can read more from the collection here.

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