“To escape from our tumultuous lives and spend some time with Mother Nature”


“To escape from our tumultuous lives and spend some time with Mother Nature”

Some reflections and photos from refugee friends on our trip to Kew Gardens

05 September 2023

“To escape from our tumultuous lives and spend some time with Mother Nature”

Last week we visited Kew Gardens and Kew Palace with 21 refugee friends and 5 JRS staff and volunteers through the Historic Royal Palaces Community Access Scheme. It was a wonderful day of being awe-inspired by nature whilst sharing laughter, conversation, and memories together.

Many of our friends had never visited the Gardens before and enjoyed seeing the huge plants in the conservatories, particularly the African plants! There was a mixture of calm and relief along with joy and wonder as friends explored the Gardens and spent time discussing all the shapes, sizes and colours of the plants.

It was great for our friends and their wellbeing to physically be in and explore a new place whilst being surrounded by and receiving respite from nature. These moments are all too rare for our friends who are constantly dealing with the stresses of the Hostile Environment and daily challenges of destitution. The day will be remembered by the smiles on friends’ faces.

Here are some of the photos and quotes from our friends about the visit and how they will remember the day:

Thanks, JRS, once again for providing us with an opportunity to visit the historical Kew Botanical Gardens.
To escape from our tumultuous lives and spend some time with Mother Nature.
It was an amazing experience to see the most diverse collection of living plants and to observe history at the former summer retreat Palace of King George III.
We found solace in walking around floral displays and themed gardens.
Felt amazed at the Palm House to observe the echo system of exotic rainforests and experience different climate zones at the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Giant lily pads at the Waterlily House are also fascinating.
At the end of our tour, we visited the former summer residence of King George III. At that point, I felt that somebody propelled me into the 18th century with a time machine because almost everything was kept in its natural form.
It was a wonderful experience to see, observe, and learn many things in one day!
Thank you very much, JRS, for arranging this event!


I had a fantastic moment in Kew gardens with wonderful people. Thank you JRS!

I really enjoyed myself and I a had a good time at Kew Gardens! Thank you guys for the trip!

I enjoy the garden – I send the picture of the garden to my friend at home they like it that God is wonderful for all those thing that exists in that Country like back home! Please take us to the place next year! Thank you!

Yes, it was a very nice experience. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Thanks for all people with us in JRS it was nice picnic!  I hope next to another place! Thanks very much to all.

Thank you to the Historic Royal Palaces for letting this happen through their Community Access Scheme.


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