To Run to Change the World!

02 May 2014

Milton, a Jesuit scholastic, undertook to run 26.2 miles to raise money for Jesuit Refugee Service. His fellow scholastic, Kundong, finds our more about what motivated and sustained him.

Why did you choose to run the London Marathon for Jesuit Refugee Service?

Since I came to London I have been part of JRS. I have visited detention centre where I have seen the pain and suffering of the detainees. Refugees and the detainees are subject to ill treatment even in a first world country like the UK where others enjoy the minimum basic rights, but the refugees are deprived of that. Every person has the right to live with dignity and respect. In this peculiar weather of the country (mostly cold and rain!) everybody needs a home to stay to protect themselves from the tough environment. But the elite and the government do not pay enough heed to such basic human needs. But JRS plays the role of being their ‘guardian’. I was moved by that. Hence, I decided to participate in the marathon and to run for JRS.

How did you prepare yourself for the marathon?

Firstly I had my mind fixed and determined that I would run for JRS. Accordingly I started practicing right from the beginning of the year. Initially I ran only for a few kilometres; but gradually I increased the distance on weekends.

How did you feel while and after you ran?

While I stood in the starting line I was excited that I was about to make a history. On the other hand I was a little bit worried whether I would be able to complete or not. Every doubt vanished while I started running. I got more encouragement and inspiration from the fellow runners and the supporters on the roadside. Right from the starting line till the finishing line the whole crowd was cheering. This was a boost for every runner. As I completed I felt mentally relaxed and happy because this event will always be a memory in my life.

What does this marathon mean for you?

This marathon is a good move to raise funds for charities. Thousands of people in need are helped by the funds the charities raised through this marathon. Hence, I think this marathon is a great helper for the needy, for disadvantaged, for sick and other downtrodden people.

Through this marathon, what changes do you want for yourself and for the world?

I feel that I can do something hard for a good cause. I can help the needy in the best possible way I can. The world has a lot of problems; I alone cannot change the whole world. However, the little role I play for the world is a help for it and its people.

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