Training and fundraising during a pandemic


Training and fundraising during a pandemic

"The journey so far has been challenging, but I also feel motivated"

19 August 2020

Training and fundraising during a pandemic

Monika is dedicating her training efforts for the London Marathon to the work of JRS UK. As this year’s marathon has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic until October 2021, Monika has been taking the extra time as an opportunity to continue fundraising to support destitute and detained refugees. Monika shares what the journey has been like so far this year. 


I remember the day I met with JRS at the Walking with Refugees conference like it was yesterday, because it was my birthday. We were impressed by JRS’s work and our hearts resonated with JRS’ accompaniment at Heathrow detention centres. When I later on found out that JRS have London Marathon slots for those who want to fundraise money, I knew that it was the right thing to do.


I ran a marathon four years ago, but I stopped running in 2019, and instead joined a local gym. So fundraising for JRS UK put me back to my running shoes!


Even though I have been training for the London Marathon 2020 since last December, I only started fundraising during the Covid-19 lockdown. I decided to run the marathon on Sunday 26 April 2020 – the day the 40th London Marathon should have taken place. I got inspired to do the The 2.6 Challenge, to do anything around the number 26 to celebrate the day that should have been, and to fundraise for JRS UK.

It has been a hard time for most of us and to be honest not everyone can afford to donate during these unprecedented times, so I completely understand that donations have dropped.


Could you help Monika reach her fundraising target? Check out her fundraising page


I felt that the first postponement of the marathon was necessary for health and safety, and now it gives me more time to fundraise. On the other hand, I was ready to run the marathon! While we are given the opportunity to run a virtual Marathon this coming October, as I have already run a marathon in April I will instead use the extra time to train and fundraise in preparation for the new marathon date in 2021.


During lockdown I have read more about JRS UK and once things get back to normal I would like to accompany refugees in the detention centre. The journey so far has been challenging, but I also feel motivated, and just hope to make it out alive after the marathon next year!

Please help Monika reach her fundraising target of £2,000 by visiting her fundraising page and cheering her on while she prepares for the London Marathon with a donation today. 

Monika isn’t the only one breaking out a sweat to fundraise for our refugee friends. Hear more from our other magnificent marathon runners in their blogs.

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