By making a gift to JRS UK every month, our refugee friends can continue to rely on ongoing support, advice, physical donations (such as food and toiletries) every month. Become a Friend of JRS today by committing a monthly gift to help destitute refugees in the UK.


Become a Friend of JRS


The JRS UK spirit is one of welcome, familiarity and hospitality. Meeting our refugee friends with love and warmth is how we welcome them at our Day Centre.

Left destitute by the UK asylum system, many men and women are street homeless, with no access to government benefits, nor the right to work and earn a living. Having fled their home, they await, some for more than 10 years, for their application to be reviewed and to be recognised as a refugee in the UK.


Every month more than 300 refugee friends visit JRS UK’s Day Centre. The support, advice and material help they rely on needs constant replenishing, which is only made possible through donations.

Every month:

  • Our Day Centre is visited by more than 300 refugees
  • More than 1,000 travel grants are given to our friends to support them to access essential appointments (to see their solicitor, GP, etc.)
  • Up to 10 new refugee friends register with JRS UK
  • At least 10 of our refugee friends are homeless and looking for accommodation
  • More than 100 detainees are accompanied by staff and volunteers who make visits to the detention centres in London.


Every month JRS UK strives to create a community around each of our friends. Daily our friends are faced with uncertainty and isolation as they try to survive without family, government support and security.

Every month, you can make sure there is someone for each of our refugee friends to rely on for support during this difficult time.


Making a donation every month will make a big difference in the lives of our refugee friends:

£10.00 every month will provide one mobile top-up card for someone held in detention.

£20.00 every month will provide a newly destitute refugee friend with an emergency hardship grant.

£40.00 every month will provide a travel expenses for one of our refugee friends to attend appointments (health, legal, JRS UK and other charities)

£50.00 every month can provide 10 packs of essential toiletries to be distributed at our JRS shop.

Join our Friends of JRS community today!


Become a Friend of JRS

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