JRS UK is beginning to re-open our face-to-face sevices to refugees and asylum seekers, offering vital practical and pastoral support to over 300 people.

The refugee friends’ hardship fund allows JRS UK to continue to find new and creative ways to accompany, serve and advocate for refugee friends.

Donate to our hardship fund now

While the world is beginning to open-up and adapt to ‘new normals’,  refugee friends are still experiencing many of the difficulties as a result of being destitute, and the anxiety of COVID-19 remains ever present.

This is why it is so important that, with your help, JRS UK continues to support refugees as best we can adapting and responding as the public health guidance demands.

By donating today you will help our Emergency Response Team and Caseworkers to:

  • Distribute crisis hardship grants remotely
  • Stock and open the JRS Shop – where refugee friends can collect food and toiletries, and meet with caseworkers for support
  • Distribute mobile phone top-ups to help combat isolation and connect with JRS and other services
  • Offer proactive phone support, reaching out to refugee friends, including those in immigration detention, connecting them with our team of volunteers and staff to provide updates, friendship and advice
  • Provide legal advice for their case via our dedicated legal team, through some face-to-face appointments, over the phone, email, and post; continuing to move forward their claims and clarifying their access to other services in this difficult time
  • Help our most vulnerable friends, due to age and health, avoid street homeless and shield themselves from the spread of the virus through advice, referrals and support
  • Provide ongoing support to hosts in our At Home’ hosting scheme who are currently housing a refugee friend who would otherwise be homeless
  • Find new creative ways to connect and maintain a sense of community with refugee friends over the phone and on Zoom

“The coronavirus pandemic is scary and lockdown is still difficult. JRS makes it a little better. I know I can call anytime to ask for support, and they’ll do their best. Sometimes it’s just for a chat, sometimes it’s to arrange for a food parcel delivery. Knowing that there are people there to help us and who care makes things easier to face.”

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JRS UK continues to adapt our services to the continuously shifting situation. Thanks to technology we will are able to stay in touch and provide virtual spaces for support, friendship and prayer, but we will be relying on your help.

Today, please give generously to our Refugee Friends’ Hardship Fund so that JRS UK can continue to accompany our refugee friends.

More than ever before, we will be leaning on your prayers so that our refugee friends, who have already been left destitute by an unjust asylum system, will feel safe and supported by the JRS family.

Donate to our hardship fund

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