Holy Saturday, 31st March

Lenten Journeys

Holy Saturday, 31st March

31 March 2018

Holy Saturday, 31st March

From the Office of Readings:

Something strange is happening – there is a great silence on earth today, a great silence and stillness. The whole earth keeps silence because the King is asleep. The earth trembled and is still because God has fallen asleep in the flesh and he has raised up all who have slept ever since the world began. God has died in the flesh and hell trembles with fear.

From an ancient homily for Holy Saturday

 Journeying through the Triduum

Holy Saturday is an in between space. We wait. But we wait in hope.

Waiting is a common theme for refugees we work with, who wait for news of their case, for the chance to settle, for life to begin again, in all its richness.

We wait with them in hope.

I wait for you to see me

Phil allows some of the stories of those he’s met to come to mind on this day of waiting.

As you read and pray with Phil’s reflection today, and as we sit in silence awaiting the Resurrection, recall how you walked with our refugee friends as they waited to be recognised as a refugee; as they waited to be allowed to contribute, participate and give back to society; as they waited and hoped for the dignity of work; as they waited to be released from indefinite detention.

First of all I wait for you to see me. I want you to know how much I long for you to recognise me, to dignify me with a glance, not of suspicion and fear, but of trust.
I wait and long for your eyes to rest on me as they rest so easily on the people of your own community, your own culture, your own neighbourhood. Then I wait for you to speak to me. Just a word of greeting, a word that I understand which will warm my heart. I wait for you to listen as I respond, even though my voice is difficult to grasp at first, having passed through so many countries.
Let my words rest in your ears for a moment as you try to understand, who I am and just how far I have travelled.
First I want you to see me, then to speak to me, then to listen. That is the beginning, my brother, my sister.
Phil Harrison SJ

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