Wednesday of Holy Week

Lenten Journeys

Wednesday of Holy Week

17 April 2019

Wednesday of Holy Week

From Today’s Responsorial Psalm:

“In your great love, O Lord, answer my prayers for your favour.”

Psalm 68(69):8-10,21-22,31,33-34

In Han’s story today we hear her speak about her sources of strength. Where do we experience the Lord’s love in her words?

Han’s Story

Although Home Office policies have isolated Han and kept her excluded from many areas of normal life here, she has been able to find welcome at JRS and a community she can participate in.

“JRS is always thinking of everyone which is quite a good relief for people abandoned by the system.”

“I thank you for the opportunity to come and at least be included.

As a devoted Roman Catholic, Han has found particular joy in the Refugee Gospel Choir that is run at JRS. Activities such as our gospel choir allow Han and our refugee friends the opportunity to spend some time with people of shared experiences, to build resilience and community, and to have fun.

“I find it very inspiring and it is calming, a sort of stress reliever. It encourages me to face challenges in life, because it is gospel song. It motivates and it is very inspiring to move forward in life.

Although Han’s journey to be recognised as a refugee is still ongoing, she is able to draw strength from the support of others as she continues to pursue the protection she deserves.

“It rejuvenates the mind and soul … With the support you are giving, the soul, the spirit, is not crushed.”

An Invitation to Action

Although Han has faced many difficulties on her journey, the joy that she finds through participating in the gospel choir is a real source of hope and encouragement. The activities that JRS UK organise are a great source of recreation for our refugee friends but they also help to build resilience and community.

Throughout Lent, we’re inviting you to make an extra effort to take simple actions to show refugees and people seeking asylum understanding and compassion.

Volunteer: Has Han’s story inspired you to do more to help welcome refugees and those seeking asylum in your community? Could you use your gift and talents to help refugees?

Many of the activities we run for refugees are only possible thanks to volunteers who share their time and talents with us. You can use your talents to get involved with a project or workshop running at your local refugee charity.

It’s likely there is a project near to you which you can help support – the NACCOM Member Directory is a great place to start. Or your diocese might have a project you can get involved in – contact your local Caritas.

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