Wednesday of the 2nd week of Lent, 28th February

Lenten Journeys

Wednesday of the 2nd week of Lent, 28th February

Therese finds support and solidarity with others she is detained with.

28 February 2018

Wednesday of the 2nd week of Lent, 28th February

From Today’s Daily Mass Readings:

“My life is in your hands, deliver me from the hands of those who hate me.”
Psalm 30

Throughout Lent, we invite you to walk alongside a number of refugees JRS accompanies. Where in their stories do we sense the Lord reaching out?

Therese’s Story

Being detained was a frustrating time for Therese. As days pass it can feel as if you are lost in a system that has forgotten you. However, Therese was able to find strength in the people who would visit and call her, reminding her that many people were walking alongside her, offering her their support. “They made me feel so happy, made me feel I wasn’t alone.

Therese also found comfort and solidarity with many others who were also being detained. By building relationships with people in the same situation as her, she was able to both support others and be encouraged herself: “We keep encouraging each other to keep going”.

Do something to help somebody. Even if you are in a situation, maybe you have something you can share that can help.


Join us tomorrow where we will rejoin Therese on her journey.
Therese’s story is real, however we have changed her name to protect her privacy



During her time in detention, Therese found comfort and strength in the visitors and befriending groups who would come and see her. During a highly stressful time being able to share your worries with someone can make the world of difference.

Today we invite you to consider volunteering with a group that visits one of the UK’s detention centres. At JRS UK we have a team of volunteers who visit the two Immigration Removal Centres (IRC) at Heathrow, providing pastoral support to detainees. Get in touch for more information on how you can volunteer.

If you live outside London but are interested in visiting an Immigration Removal Centre somewhere else in the country then we invite you to search out visiting groups in your area

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JRS UK are grateful to Therese for sharing her story with us. Please do no reproduce without permission.
Image credit: Hands image – Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash

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