Items you can donate

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Kitchen items

Item Received
Wooden spoons
Large frying pan
Small frying pan
Small Saucepan
Medium Saucepan
Large saucepan
Sharp knives

Knife sharpener

Serving spoons
Chopping boards (coloured)
Baking trays
Oven dishes
Can opener
Cheese grater
Cake tin

Items for common areas

Item Received
Hand soap
Toilet roll
Games and puzzles
Adult colouring books
Pens and pencils
Books, particularly in other languages (French, Arabic, Tigrinya, Amharic, Farsi)
Paintings or prints for walls
Garden rake
2 mops
3 Side tables

Bedroom items

Item Received
12 single duvet covers
24 pillow cases
12 bedsheets
12 pillows
6 single duvets
12 towels
6 hand towels
6 fans
3 lamps

News & blogs about the men's house

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19th September 2023: Make our new men’s house a home – Amy-Leigh, Accommodation Project Coordinator, shares the news about a new men’s house, and reflects on the transformative power that stable, long-term accommodation at Emilie House has given to refugee women.

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