A letter to Mo Farah


A letter to Mo Farah

A letter from JRS and refugee friends to Mo Farah.

21 July 2022

A letter to Mo Farah

JRS and refugee friends share their thoughts, inspirations, and hopes in a letter.


Dear Mo Farah,


Thank you for having the courage to share your story with us. We know that it was not easy…

When you said: ‘I am not who you think I am.’

We want to tell you that we agree, we think you’re braver and far more resilient than we ever thought you’d be.

You are an inspiration to all of us at JRS, especially our refugee friends.

Our friends go through similar hardships, they told us that your story gives them strength and hope, as they battle such a hostile environment towards refugees.


One of our refugee friends, Daisy, said that your case reminds her of her situation, she was trafficked and does not know where she originates from. She said:

“I was a child and I have been without an identity for so many years. The government blames me for being trafficked.

“I was a child; it is not my fault…

“Your story reminded me of my case and what I am going through.

“I have been trafficked and blamed for the rest of my life, though I was a child and did not know what to do.

“I am left in limbo, and I have no hope.

“Your story made me feel that I am not the only one, and that maybe there is hope.

“Thanks for sharing your story.


Another refugee friend, Omer, shared his thoughts after watching your story, he said,

“Your story inspired me because I am diabetic, and I used to play Karate.

When I was back home, I used to play Karate and I won medals at school but then my mom fell ill, and I needed to step up and support her. I started working and then left for the UK…

When I came here, I forgot about Karate…but your story encouraged me to continue.

I have been practicing Karate for two weeks now and I am motivated to keep following my dream and to never give up.

You went through so much, but you never gave up. It is just unbelievable and incredible. How can someone go through such as catastrophe, and on top of it be a world champion?

I know that you’ve hidden the truth your whole life, but that was the only way for you to survive and succeed in this country, so I do not blame you, I know what it’s like here…”


At JRS, we remain committed to accompanying refugee friends, we know that our friends go through so much- from the time that they leave their homeland until arriving here.

We know that you felt alone in this battle; many of our friends feel the same…

We will continue to accompany our friends, welcome them, unleash their creativity, and provide them with the tools to make them flourish and do great things.

You give them strength; they want to be like you.


Warm wishes and thanks,



Note: names  has been changed to protected identity.

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