A mother-daughter team running for Refugees


A mother-daughter team running for Refugees

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14 April 2022

A mother-daughter team running for Refugees

On the 2nd of May, Kathleen and Grace Manning, a mother-daughter team are running together for the Vitality 10km London to raise money for JRS.

Kathleen describes JRS as an organisation that embodies what they strive for as graduates of the U.S. institution, the College of the Holy Cross. The Holy Cross is a small-liberal arts college in the USA.  It is founded and guided by the Jesuit principles of being men and women for others and realising human potential.  Every year, the college encourages its present and former students to do some good in their communities.

“The ethos and mission of JRS were so closely aligned to that of Holy Cross, that it seemed a perfect fit for us.”


After agreeing to support the Holy Cross Cares initiative, Kathleen and Grace went about exploring how they could do good in the London community. When they spoke to their liaison at Holy Cross, he mentioned an ongoing venture between the professors and faculty of the college and the Massachusetts JRS.  They were strongly encouraged to pursue the Vitality 10km race on behalf of the JRS, in the name of Holy Cross Cares.

“We are training very well and have respectively done training in Ascot, UK, Enniskerry, Ireland and Nantucket, USA.  We both ran competitively at Holy Cross and are passionate about the sport, both as spectators and participants.”


Kathleen and Grace will be running the Vitality 10km London on the 2nd of May for JRS UK. The money they raise will help JRS to continue to accompany destitute and detained refugees in a spirit of hospitality, welcome and love.

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Kathleen’s and Grace Just Giving Page


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Training for the Vitality 10k in Enniskerry, Ireland



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