A Need for Nappies


A Need for Nappies

With your help we can alleviate the costs of nappies and wipes for our young refugee families

26 February 2019

A Need for Nappies

One of the greatest challenges facing those accompanied by JRS is their inability to work due to the many restrictive policies of the hostile environment. This leaves our refugee friends with no other option but to rely on friends and charities in order to support themselves. With restricted funds, our friends often have to make difficult decisions as to what they most need that week. Often small expenses for us, such as paying for travel or purchasing toiletries, are not so easily available for our friends.

These decisions are especially difficult for a number of our friends who have young children and babies, especially when there are a number of expensive recurring costs. Jonathan, Head of Accompaniment at JRS UK, spends a lot of time working with our young families, “Our friends receive minimal support and nappies and baby wipes are necessities for the health of babies, but they can be prohibitively expensive. We know that mothers will skip eating meals in order to provide for their babies and children. Washable nappies are sadly often not an option, as our friends lack reliable washing facilities, have nowhere for drying, and live in small single rooms with shared facilities.”

At JRS, we seek to recognise the dignity of each person and support our friends so they are not left to make these difficult decisions. Although the number of our friends with young children is quite small, nappies and wipes are a recurring expense for them. We are in need of nappies (especially larger sizes 4, 5 and 6) and baby wipes that can be given to our friends. With your help we can ensure that all of our young families are fully supported. Jonathan continues: “Anything you are able to contribute towards supporting our friends with children I know will be greatly appreciated and will make a huge impact on their daily lives.”


Getting nappies to JRS

  1. If you are based close to our offices in Wapping why not organise a collection in your parish or place of work? Get in touch with William at uk@jrs.net to organise a time when you can deliver your collection to our offices.
  2. If you live outside of London you can always order nappies from an online retailer and have them delivered to our offices. If you would like to do this, please get in touch with William at uk@jrs.net to let us know that we are expecting a delivery.


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