Accompaniment in Action: Supporting Fresh Claims


Accompaniment in Action: Supporting Fresh Claims

Join us for our latest Accompaniment in Action event.

14 June 2021

Accompaniment in Action: Supporting Fresh Claims

Join us for our latest Accompaniment in Action event where we will take a closer look at the work of our Legal Project. We will hear from Michael Tarnoky, Senior Legal Officer, and Jess Javaherian, Senior Legal Caseworker, from our Legal Project about how they support our refugee friends to make fresh claims for asylum.

Join us online on Wednesday 30th June between 18:30 – 19:30 for our look into the work of the Legal Project.


Our refugee friends have often had negative experiences going through the asylum system. Many are refused as a result of disbelief by the Home Office, a lack of legal advice or being expected to meet a high level of proof when seeking recognition of their status as refugees. The Fresh Claim process is equally confusing, especially without legal representation. However, it represents a route out of the cycle of destitution and detention that so many face when their initial asylum case is refused  – with those who are successful receiving another chance of being granted protection.

Our legal project assists our refugee friends in preparing fresh claims for asylum. Michael and Jess will explain in simple terms the context and definition of a Fresh Claim, and the legal tests that must be met for there to be any chance of success. They will share how they go about accompanying refugee friends supported by JRS, throughout the process.


We hope this will shed some light on a what is a very complex but incredibly important aspect of JRS UK’s work.

We will also have plenty of time to answer your questions and encourage you to get in touch with us in advance with what you might like to ask by emailing Nick:

When: 18.30 – 19.30 on Wednesday 30th June 2021

Where: Online on video conference software ‘Zoom’

Register in advance:

For any more information: Please email

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