Donate your Sunday roast to help refugees


Donate your Sunday roast to help refugees

Could you donate what you are saving during lockdown to help the life of a refugee?

29 May 2020

Donate your Sunday roast to help refugees

The JRS Refugee Friends’ Hardship Fund aims to serve the needs of our refugee friends during the coronavirus lockdown, which aren’t being met elsewhere. Many supporters have generously gifted JRS with the means to continue our work. Our friends are aware that the JRS community are standing strong with them, now and beyond the coronavirus crisis. The Hardship Fund has raised more than £10,000 to fund the unexpected expenses which come with responding to an emergency. The situation for our refugee friends is an emergency. Many of them would go hungry, homeless, lonely and unaccounted for if it wasn’t for the generosity of supporters.


Donate to our hardship fund now


While we are overwhelmed by generosity of long-standing donors and new ones, the needs of our refugee friends continue, and so do the need for donations. We need to ensure that the team of staff and volunteers can reliably and effectively provide emotional and practical support for refugees, for as long as they need it.

As we look ahead at how the rest of the year will be funded, can you consider ways to support our refugee friends? The coronavirus lockdown has halted much of our recreational shopping, travel, gift-giving, coffee purchases, transport costs and restaurant dining.

Why not donate a meal (or two!) that you may ordinarily have spent £30 on to provide three essential parcels of food and toiletries to a refugee family?

Donate a week’s coffees costing £15 to help a refugee friend cover expenses for fresh food this week.

Donate your usual work commute transport expenses so that a £10 mobile phone top up is provided for a refugee friend to make calls to JRS for emotional support or to contact a loved one.

Donate a pint that would have been enjoyed this weekend so that volunteer drivers can deliver essentials across London.

Think about what you may spent on any ordinary week, and consider donating what you are saving to help the life of a refugee who urgently needs accompaniment and support today.


Donate to our hardship fund now


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