Journey with JRS this Lent


Journey with JRS this Lent

Join JRS as we walk alongside our refugee friends this Lent

12 February 2019

Journey with JRS this Lent

“It is a humbling moment when a person thanks you for simply taking their hand and allowing them to take you to places of darkness and light.”

JRS UK volunteer

Each year, Lent offers us the opportunity to connect with our faith, with God and with our neighbour through almsgiving, fasting and prayer. Through the 46 days of Lent the church takes us on a journey of penance and reconciliation, deepening our faith in God who died to save us.

This Lent we invite you to join JRS on our Lenten journey, and accompany our refugee friends as they lead us to places of darkness and light; and through their journeys deepen our understanding of God in the world.

Every day during Lent, JRS UK produces a reflection rooted in Lenten scripture and refugee experience. These emails, which will be sent straight to your inbox, introduce a number of refugees accompanied by JRS UK. Through their stories we invite you to walk alongside them as you journey through the Lenten scriptures.



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