Leave to Remain after 10 years

"I feel happy ... God will plan those things, he will make my future well."

17 January 2019

Today, one of our refugee friends has finally been granted leave to remain having spent 10 long years in the UK. Sharing their joy and releif with the staff and volunteers at the JRS Day Centre today, they said, ” I feel happy, you have helped me so much. Thank you”

Having been in the UK for 10 years, our friend started coming to JRS UK in 2013 after the Home Office moved them from Cardiff to London. Unable to work or rent accomodation of their own, the years spent in destitution can take a large toll on an individual’s wellbeing. The release of all of that stress and anxiety, and the releif of having finally been recognised after spending so much time within the asylum system is momentous, and the joy our friend felt today was infectious. Looking to the future, our friend shared ” The future is God. God will plan those things, he will make my future well.”

Please do keep our friend in your prayers as they start the next part in their life in the UK.

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