Summer 2015 Newsletter: called to be diligent advocates


Summer 2015 Newsletter: called to be diligent advocates

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13 October 2015

Summer 2015 Newsletter: called to be diligent advocates

Director of JRS UK, Louise Zanré, calls us all to be “diligent advocates” to defend the rights of refugees and forced migrants. She shares her vision for a better world and invites us to join advocacy efforts to make the case for their dignity.

She says: “Advocacy is one of the three parts of the JRS mission. We often spend a lot more time on accompaniment and service. Many of us might be attracted to working for JRS as we are at heart “people person’s”. We derive energy and inspiration from being present with and for the people we accompany. We build relationships and endeavour to offer and to receive hope, dignity and justice through those relationships. And we often do not make enough of the advocacy opportunities we have had and the fact that people’s lives have changed as a result.”

The newsletter includes reports from visit to the Houses of Parliament, our involvement with Caritas Social Action Network’s #changeslives campaign and how to get involved in ending detention, as well as poems, reflections and practical tips for action from refugees, volunteers ands staff.

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