Overwhelming Response to call for Christmas Cards


Overwhelming Response to call for Christmas Cards

JRS UK have been inundated with Christmas Cards for those we accompany in detention

14 December 2018

Overwhelming Response to call for Christmas Cards

Following the launch of the second Christmas card exchange, JRS UK have been overwhelmed by the respones from supporters. Over 350 cards have been recieved so far by JRS UK, filled with messages of solidarity and support, to be passed on to the men we accompany in the Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs) near Heathrow. Beatrice Grasso, Detention Outreach Manager at JRS UK, said “We have been absolutely blown away by the response to the christmas card programme this year, I could never have imagined that we would receive so many cards with such wonderful messages for our friends in detention.”

The Christmas cards will be taken to Harmondsworth and Colnbrook IRCs and given to those who find themselves detained at a time of year when it can be particularly difficult to be seperated from family and friends. Beatrice continues, “Christmas can be a time when feelings of isolation and loneliness are compounded. We hope that these christmas cards will be a reminder that those we accompany are never alone, that they are part of an incredibly large family spread across the country.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have written and sent cards to us and to all the parishes and groups who have taken up this initiative so generously. These messages will be a real source of encouragement for those we encounter in detention and I’m sure this show of support will stay with them for a very long time.”

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