This exhibition is a collection of creative work from JRS UK’s refugee friends, and supporters of JRS, on the theme of ‘imagine’. All of the work displayed was created during lockdown.

Some of those whose work is exhibited, are part of the JRS Creative Arts Space; a refugee-led activity group which complements our weekly drop-in day centre. The Creative Arts Space is an opportunity for our refugee friends to meet each week, build social networks and gain confidence while creating art in different mediums. During lockdown, the Creative Arts Space continue to create at home, and have been meeting virtually.


Please click on thumbnails below to view a larger version of each image.


‘Step of abstract to existence’

By Eric


‘New ways of movement’

There are new ways of movement now if you go to shopping malls, as roads are being marked how to pass to avoid close contact. The shopping mall now looks like a desert because of COVID-19. COVID-19 has brought a new system in everything. The station now has a new look as banners and sign boards is everywhere alerting commuters of limitation in passengers to be taken at a time.”

By Margaret



“I love this picture my daughter took – it was lockdown and we dreamed of walking out to enjoy the summer, and go to the beach”

By Dallya



‘Imagine everyone can access green space.’

From St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre




‘First step out’

By Dallya



‘Under a Fig Tree’

I imagine a future where we offer better shelter and hospitality to those in need, sharing God’s abundant blessings. (Remembering the fig tree used as an image of shelter, hospitality, hope and blessing in the bible.)​’

From St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre


‘Let’s go green’

By Eric






By SK*

*Real name not used to protect identity





‘Freshness and sanity’

By Eric



‘Imagine a world where every child has a childhood filled with play and love.’

From St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre





“Imagine a world where everyone feels welcome on the good Earth.”

From St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre

Mandala artwork

By Karim



“The picture of the ancient Egyptian queen makes me feel proud about my own national heritage and identity. I love how she wears the colourful jewellery, clothes and a crown – they are very unique to me.”





“Drawing and colouring mandalas take me away to another place, and help me to not think about my current situation. When I’m colouring I don’t like to be disturbed – sometimes I find my tea has even gone cold without me realising! Colouring is the only way to take my mind away from lockdown. After JRS have sent me the mandalas to colour, I have felt like my skills and drawing have improved.”

“My message to everyone is if you have talent, don’t be shy to paint and share your talent. Work hard and you will find rewards. I got the chance to do these things as well as I can. If you do your best for sure you will feel inspired. When you do good things, others will always surely appreciate your work”



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