Home is a feeling not a place


The first published work of JRS UK’s Open Writing Space, featuring poetry and prose written by eight refugees and asylum seekers. The volume explores themes including lockdown, the meaning of ‘home’, the climate emergency, and peace.

“Writing is a powerful instrument to communicate and engage with another individual. I hope this book will leave a lasting impression of the powerful voices of the muted people in society, that it will open new avenues of thoughts and ideas which were never considered before.”

– Han, a refugee friend of JRS UK and contributing author

This book is a distillation of the energy and imagination of refugee friends – nutured through a series of online creative writing workshops, led and faciliatated by poet, educator and performer, Laila Sumpton. We hope you enjoy it!

This item is a physical gift. You will receive the 58-page book of poetry & prose.

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