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JRS involvement at the Synod

“By having conversations, seeking mutual understanding to overcome the fear that excludes others, we can build a world where each human being is valued, respected, enjoying their right to full dignity…”

Read Wael’s speech at Together 2023 on page 2

The impact of your donations

“In the past, I’ve had to ask my friends when I needed phone credit. It’s hard to always be asking people for things you need. I know now that I can prioritise spending what little money I have on food, medication, and other essentials.”

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After Leave to Remain: what comes next?

“…we’re keenly aware that just because someone has received Leave to Remain it doesn’t mean that their challenges don’t stop. The process is complicated and lengthy, and many friends can have difficulty finding help to navigate the next steps…”

Read more on page 6

What am I waiting for? - by Easton

With suspense fills the air and my
Yet, still I don’t know,
“What am I waiting for?”

Read Easton’s poem on page 7

Making a welcome

“Hosting a guest is witnessing to our belief that we are all sisters and brothers in one big human family. It’s enriching as we learn about each other’s cultures.”

Read what our At Home Hosts have to say about their experiences of welcoming a refugee friend into their home on Pages 10 and 11

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