Do you ever think about how much you rely on your phone? On your phone being fully charged and having credit to make phone calls, check emails, send texts?

How much do you use your phone to connect with others?

As part of your Lenten fast, we invite you to fast from your phone as you are able to today.

If you can, put your phone away in a drawer for an hour or half a day. In this time, we invite you to reflect on the impact not having a phone can have on refugee friends.

Access to a good quality phone is very important for refugee friends because it is their link to accessing legal advice, emotional support and other assistance.

It can therefore leave someone incredibly isolated if they try to navigate this system without a mobile phone.

If you’re able, please think about donating to JRS, either money for us to provide essential phone credit top-ups, or mobile phones & other technology in good working condition.

Fast from your phone & laptop and donate to JRS

Jesuit Refugee Service UK
The Hurtado Jesuit Centre
2 Chandler Street, London E1W 2QT

020 7488 7310

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