Last week, we shared with you a blog written by a refugee friend part of Refugees Call for Change.

In the blog, our friend spoke about the hostility she has faced since arriving in the UK, how “it’s like I am alive but dead inside.”

This week, we invite you to contact your MP to show compassion to refugees and people seeking asylum, and to raise your concerns over the way asylum seekers are treated.

Your MP is elected to represent you and their constituents, and are usually happy to help if they can. by hearing from you, you might even highlight an issue they are already interested in.

We have a few templates on our website you can use as a starting point when emailing your MP. You can also get in touch with your MP by letter, or phone their office to make an appointment to meet face-to-face.

Write to your MP about your concerns over how the government is treating asylum seekers

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