1st Saturday of Lent

Lenten Journeys

1st Saturday of Lent

27 February 2021

1st Saturday of Lent

“They are happy who do his will, seeking him with all their hearts.”

Psalm 118

Comfort amidst hostility

Three years later, Hassan-Ali is still very aware of the hostility embedded in the system and in society at large towards those who come to seek asylum the UK: “I read on the news many places the anti-immigrant sentiment grew. Yes, it grew after the Brexit. Yes, I even I heard from the neighbours…. even the police was reporting the number of these things are increasing”.

In the midst of this tension, Hassan-Ali takes comfort from the accompaniment, advocacy and prayers he receives from JRS and its supporters: “I have told my family back home and some friends over here I said ‘look you see this, I can see people Christians and non-Muslims are helping the refugees. They are trying their best helping them while the government, [the] home office abandoned them or try to fail them. These people come forward to help them’ …. So, we feel very good…. they also strengthen our will to continue fighting for our case in UK.”

While the hostility shown towards Hassan-Ali and others like him might not have changed much, the knowledge that there are people who do welcome and support refugees offers comfort.
Where do you find joy in Hassan-Ali’s story?

How might you do God’s will in welcoming the stranger?

So often, the treatment that Hassan-Ali and other refugees face remains under the surface. In order to overcome the hostility shown those who come to our country seeking sanctuary, we need to help people understand the difficulties our refugee friends face. Why not invite someone you know to join this Lenten Journey and spend time in prayer and reflection with Hassan-Ali’s story.

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