JRS UK launches Refugees Gifts


JRS UK launches Refugees Gifts

“For it is in giving that we receive.” - St Francis of Assisi

06 November 2020

JRS UK launches Refugees Gifts

As we prepare for Christmas like no other, JRS UK is pleased to launch JRS Refugee Gifts: virtual charity gifts to delight your loved ones and support destitute refugees in the UK at the same time.




Refugee friends, volunteers and staff alike miss the physical hubbub of JRS – a place where a warm welcome was always guaranteed, and the chance to catch-up with one another over a steaming hot cup of tea and enjoy a biscuit or two was a daily habit. Joy and laughter were ever flowing.

Whilst things may be very different now, we hope JRS Refugee Gifts will help that joy to erupt and flow beyond the walls of the Hurtado Jesuit Centre to your family, friends, and refugees alike.

We have gifts ranging from £5 through to £100 – so something for everyone! All the gifts are direct examples of support JRS UK provides to destitute refugees and asylum seekers.




Gift spotlight: An hour of translation

Some refugee friends speak little or no English, and many speak English as a second language. In order to completely understand the experiences and needs of refugee friends, JRS employ professional interpreting services.

This gives refugee friends the chance to describe their situation, understand the advice given and confidently ask questions or seek clarification.


Removing a language barrier by providing refugee friends with an interpreter provides access to justice.

G is an asylum seeker from Eritrea. The Home office refused to accept his nationality and refused his asylum claim. We had worked on his case prior to the lockdown in March 2020, but had not been able to conclude it. After lockdown started, we needed to submit further submissions in support of a fresh asylum claim. Interpreters were crucial to check details, to update G and follow up on other witnesses.

Before we submitted the fresh claim, we needed to ensure he fully understood the complex issues and was happy that all the relevant information was in his submissions. We were able to pre-book an interpreter, send them copy of the papers and the hold a conference call where we went through the material, confirmed his understanding and clarify some queries he had.

Submitting the Fresh Claim meant that his case had progressed and ensured he was eligible for some government asylum support.


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