'The new me'

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Walking, eating healthy and exercising it’s my new me – made me happy, and shiny.

We all came out from the ground and I will eat everything coming from the ground.


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I never liked coffee in my whole life but after working from home during lockdown, I can say now that I LOVE coffee and I can’t wait to sit with my friends and have special time as all of them love coffee too!



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This is paradise for me when I see the water, all negative energy is replaced with positivity and hope.


My escape place where I can go always and come back feeling different and full of energy.


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Flowers are the most important things in my house. During the day I love to look at them and they always make me feel the beauty in them.


If I want to send something special I send flowers and when I receive them, that will make smile for days and feel fresh.


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Books and reading are the power of life.

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