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JRS’ Spoken Pictures is an online participatory photography project run during the second lockdown in the Autumn. It has given our refugee friends an opportunity to be creative, to socialise and share their stories while also keeping their minds busy. Run by the team at Fotosynthesis, and led by the dynamic Federico and the very supportive Dallya, Sean and Ingrid.

For the past 8 weeks, we have been exploring ideas behind the meaning of photography, and how our refugee friends can communicate their stories to an audience. In normal times, there would be a large exhibition showcasing all our friends’ work, celebrating their personal journey on the programme. This year has been very different and we’ve collaborated with Fotosynthesis to design this exhibition and a webinar event for the JRS.


Our refugee friends have contributed so much to the project with a wealth of different themes: from personal objects, insights into their lives, landscape photography, lockdown activities, and documentation of their home culture. During the sessions many refugee friends have stated how the project has helped contribute to their positive mental wellbeing. Many friends have shared how the project has been a way to voice the small positives of lockdown life, through the purposeful work of taking photographs when restrictions were semi-relaxed.

It has been a tough year for all refugee friends who took part in the project, but the engaging and heartfelt stories have been a shining light throughout these difficult times. Through weekly online workshops and one to one extra support, we have gathered these amazing, inspired, and inspiring stories.

About Fotosynthesis

FOTOSYNTHESIS are experts in participatory visual media who use creative and inclusive image-making as a tool to engage, educate, and accompany people to create and represent their own narratives. They have more than 10 years’ experience of managing, designing and delivering projects with community groups, schools, businesses, charities, NGOs, international development agencies, cultural organisations, universities and local government institutions. We have been working. Together since our first project in 2012, where we exhibited the stories of our friends at the European Parliament in Brussels.




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"I Love music, dance and party. I love to see friends, dancing, singing and playing all instruments. We are all looking forward to freedom, when lockdown is over. "

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