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A message to young people in schools

24 January 2024

For International Education Day on 25th January, a refugee friend shares a message to students.


Accompaniment underpins the holistic model of support provided by JRS

09 January 2024

Michelle, Destitution Casework Assistant, explains the relevance of accompaniment in casework


My job helps me appreciate the things we often take for granted’

11 July 2023

Stephanie Jones, Destitution Caseworker at JRS gives us an insight into her work


The availability of competent legal advice and representation for refugee friends is fast diminishing

27 June 2023

Michael explains the need for increased legal support and why legal aid is essential


A catchup with the JRS UK Community Kitchen

30 January 2023

Victoria and Mark sit down to discuss the first two weeks of JRS UK's new Community Kitchen


No two days are the same

19 October 2022

Jasmine and Stephen, share some of the cases they work with to support refugee friends.


Strangers bearing gifts

11 October 2022

Bill, JRS ‘At Home’ volunteer host, shares with us his experience of hosting a refugee.


Feeling alive but dead inside

22 September 2022

This blog post is written by a member of Refugees Call for Change.


Walking the Camino de Santiago for refugees

21 September 2022

Raga, JRS Outreach Detention Officer, shares with us her aspirations of walking the Camino.


Making our voices heard against the hostile environment

06 September 2022

This blog post is written by a member of Refugees Call for Change.


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